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        Basic Introduction


        Hygienic anti-backfilling floor drain (also known as air blocking device) is designed and manufactured with stainless steel material according to the structural characteristics of clean floor drain and combined with actual working conditions. Successfully solved the technical problems of dredging, cleaning, water seal and air seal. It is a special clean floor drain for all kinds of purification plants and clean rooms (GMP certification). It is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum, electricity, pharmaceuticals, beer, food, dairy beverage and laboratories all over the world


        Product Profile


        In pharmaceutical, daily chemical, clean electronics and other fields, the non-standard degree of equipment is very high. Therefore, different industries and different working conditions have different demands for products. Aitesen has a professional design team, according to different needs, can design targeted, practical products, and the site conditions can be perfectly docked. Common specifications are: DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200.


        Common Problems Of Conventional Floor Deran


        Long-term exposure to indoor, easy to breed bacteria, has a certain impact on the cleanliness level

        ◆功能單一,不能* 適用于設備的排放

        The single function can not be fully applied to the discharge of equipment


        When liquid is discharged, it is easy to splash and form water stains on the ground, which need to be cleaned and maintained


        Long-term exposure to indoor, easy to breed bacteria, has a certain impact on the cleanliness level


        Can not be applied to both hot and cold drain


        Product Characteristics

        衛生級防倒灌地漏設計特點 HYGIENIC FLOOR DRAIN


        The integrated design can be connected with storage tanks and equipment, with gravity check device inside the device


        The liquid discharge are all inside the barrier device, without the risk of splashing, and no secondary pollution will occu


        The observation window with a mirror can observe the internal working conditions, and is easy to clean and maintain


        When the system is vacuum pumping, the check device can isolate the drainage pipeline and sewer of the equipment because of its silica gel pad


        The floor drain itself has water seal, which meets all requirements of the new GMP and clean floor drain


        The body is made of 304 stainless steel, and the gasket is made of tetrafluoro or silicone rubber, which meets the requirements of pharmaceutical production

        新型地漏和防濺罩的設計特點 NEW FLOOR DRAIN AND SPLASH COVER


        Removable design, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean and maintain, can be connected with storage tanks and equipment


        Can choose a whole set of new floor drain or a single anti-splash cover. Users can choose freely according to the actual situation


        Horn mouth design, no splash risk, no secondary pollution


        It is made of 304 stainless steel and polished on the inner surface. The gasket is EPDM or silicone rubber, which meets the requirememnts of pharmaceutical production


        The floor drain itself has air blocking, and the bottom cover ensures water sealing effect to prevent air and ground pollution caused by gas and sewage backfilling into the sewer, which meets all requirements of the new GMP and clean floor drain


        Installation Photos On Site



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